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At the Valēre Group, we focus on only one issue – how to maximize ownership's opportunity to be positioned for a transition on their terms. We do this by providing an impartial and personalized advisory service based on the Founder’s decades of experience in creating Strategic Value, so that whenever the opportunity or need arises, both the business and shareholders are prepared.
The Valere Group

The Latin word

valere is the root

for the word

"value" and


"to be strong,"

"to be well,"

"to make worth,"

or "to go with


Don Matso on Creating Strategic Value

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Strategic Value Creation Strategic Value Creation Strategic Value Creation
Do you have a plan in place for ownership's transition?

Transitioning to succession or a sale is the most significant event in the business cycle of the private business owner. Yet, due to inadequate planning, most transitions are unsuccessful.

In conjunction with the owner’s trusted advisors, The Valēre Group goes to work long before a transitional event to create maximum value and flexibility.

Learn how the plan we help you develop will properly position you for whenever the right opportunity presents itself

Do you know the "true value" of your business?

"True value" cannot be determined strictly from a financial analysis of the business.

Determining true value entails understanding the enterprise from the point of view of a potential acquirer and/or investor and considering the business' special and often hidden attributes.

Learn how and why we focus on True Value as the foundation to an effective plan
Do you know how to create a sustainable strategy unique to your business and situation?

Books and business periodicals offer an abundance of case studies and winning strategies. However, to create a successful transition plan that is sustainable, it must be personalized to each situation to ensure consistency with the owners’ objectives, available resources, capabilities and personal values.

Learn how we approach the Creation of a personalized process that will ensure you are positioned to make the most of opportunities when they occur

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