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Valere defined

The Latin word valere is the root for the word "value" and means "to be strong," "to be well," "to make worth," or "to go with strength."

Often, in the course of our work, we recognize the need for expertise in a variety of business disciplines that might not be available to our clients. In order to assure that our clients are receiving the best possible service, and as other needs are identified, we will refer to our respected affiliates who provide the necessary expertise.

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Strategic Value Creation
Helping business owners maximize the overall market value of their business and position themselves to benefit from the right opportunity when it presents itself.

Don S. Matso, Founder
Don S. Matso

Don Matso Addresses Presidents' Forum

Don S. Matso
Founder, The Valēre Group, Inc.

"Transitioning from a business you have built can be an extremely emotional and yet highly rewarding experience. With proper planning for the inevitable, by understanding the options available to the entrepreneur, the emotional impact can be minimized and the potential rewards maximized."

Don S. Matso, Founder
The Valēre Group, Inc.

For more than thirty years, Don Matso has worked with a broad range of companies and has helped them earn hundreds of millions of dollars. Using his special expertise in what he calls "Strategic Value Creation," he guides private business owners in maximizing their company's market value long before they reach a key transitional event such as a merger or sale.

Don's skill in improving profitability, performance and market value has been developed over the years through his experience in key management and operational positions – such as building a business from a concept to millions in revenue, culminating in a sale; in operations and senior management roles in the corporate world with firms like Boise Cascade and Weyerhaeuser Corporation; and in managing a mergers and acquisition advisory service for a division of Smith Barney/Citigroup.

Today, his firm, The Valēre Group, brings his experience to business owners who realize there will be a crucial transitional event in their future but who are not sure of how to be "positioned" for that eventuality. His focus on strategic value creation prepares owners for this transition by integrating value maximization as part of the day-to-day management of the enterprise.

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Integrated Performance
Aligning employee, management and ownership's goals while rewarding appropriate performance/behavior to optimize the value of the enterprise.
The Valere Group Team
Larry B. Comp
Larry B. Comp
Principal, LTC Performance Strategies, Inc.

"One of my passions, over the years, has been helping CEOs and business owners drive the performance and values of their respective companies. One of my greatest disappointments has been watching many of them lose a good bit of the value they built from improper succession planning, that is why the focus and experience that Don and The Valēre Group bring to the business owner is vital."

Larry B. Comp, Principal
LTC Performance Strategies, Inc.

Larry's career has focused on helping corporate leaders and business owners improve their productivity, profitability, organizational culture and economic value.

His prior leadership roles with three prominent international companies served him well when he joined LTC Performance Strategies, Inc. (previously called Humanomics, Inc.), a 25-year old Performance and Total Compensation practice, as Principal/Senior Consultant. Most of his early work at LTC Performance Strategies involved supporting over 100 leading corporations across more than 50 industry segments. Recognized for his keen understanding of successful growth strategies and innovative solutions, he became sought out by rapidly-evolving private enterprises that desired the same type of timely, high-quality and cost-effective solutions Larry had been providing for the larger national and international corporations.

During the last few years, Larry has created new methodologies focused on helping entrepreneurs drive their companies' short- and long-term performance and value, as well as their attractiveness to potential suitors/business partners.

An accomplished writer and UCLA Compensation Instructor, Larry is a frequent speaker for CEO forums and professional societies. He holds a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management and has been accredited as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC).

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Family Business Dynamics
Helping business owners achieve balance between the goals of business prosperity, family harmony, and personal well-being.
The Valere Group Team
Ernest A. Doud, Jr.
Ernest A. Doud, Jr.
President, Doud Hausner & Associates

"Ownership of a family business will change hands in each generation. That transition of ownership will take one of two forms. It may stay within the family. Or, if the family has lost passion for, interest in or competence about its business, it is appropriate to consider a transfer to outside interests. Either way, creating strategies for realizing the full value of its business asset is clearly in the family's best interests."

Ernest A. Doud, Jr., President
Doud Hausner & Associates, Inc.

A seasoned management consultant whose career began in 1969, Ernie is a nationally recognized authority on family business dynamics and strategic management issues in family and entrepreneurial businesses. His experience as both a consultant and business executive helps him to get to the heart of family business issues that clients face and partner with them to develop sustainable solutions.

Prior to founding Doud Hausner & Associates, Ernie was Associate National Director of Family Business Consulting for a major international consulting/accounting organization. Preceding that, he co-founded the Wald Consulting Group where he served as Executive Vice President for 13 years. He began his consulting career as a principal with Fry Consultants.

Ernie is a Fellow of the Family Firm Institute.

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